Foundation Goals

Foundation Goals

To continue to develop and support the hospital’s outreach through the area clinics.
To improve and maintain facilities.
To purchase equipment.
To develop new health care programs and provide educational materials.
To establish and support community wellness and education programs.

Your act of kindness will

Help maintain high quality health care in your hospital and area clinics.
Increase the availability of vital medical services.
Provide you the opportunity to make a major impact on the quality of life in your community.

A gift to the Foundation will…. Save you money

Because the Foundation is a charitable organization, it is qualified to receive tax deductible* contributions. Depending on your IRS tax bracket, a significant part of your gift may qualify for a direct tax deduction. A large gift may qualify as a tax deduction for up to 5 years.

A bequest to the Foundation through your will is an excellent way to benefit others. By supporting health care in your community you can contribute to your community while reducing your tax burden.

* Tax deductibility is subject to IRS regulations. Please see your tax advisor for applicability

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