Specialty Clinics

Morris County Hospital offers a variety of specialty clinics on an outpatient basis. These clinics are held at the MCH Medical Clinic.


Not available at the MCH Clinic at this time.  Can call the Manhattan Medical Center 1133 College Ave. Building A, Suite 101A Manhattan, KS 66502 Phone: (785) 539-7361 Hours:Mon to Fri, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Chen H. Chow, MD based in Topeka at Cotton-O’Neil Heart Center, call 785-270-4000 to schedule. H.R. Boolani, MD at St. Francis Heart & Vascular Center, call 785-233-9643 call to schedule. P.S. Ranaweera, MD at Manhattan, call 785-370-0183 to schedule.  They are here: Once a Month (days vary, depends on appointments scheduled)

Family Practice

Melanie Byram, MD is at the MCH Clinic on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s and at the Chase County Clinic on Friday’s. Sydnee Nelson, MD is at the Chase County Clinic on Thursday alternating weeks with Dr. John Price  and at the MCH Clinic as needed. Please call to schedule: MCH Clinic (620-767-5126) or Chase County Clinic (620-273-6131).


Michael G. Reynolds, MD based out of Emporia is here: Fourth Wednesday of the month. To schedule call 620-767-5126

General Surgery

Mark Wolfe, MD can be seen at the MCH Clinic.  To schedule call the Surgery Department at Morris County Hospital 620-767-6811.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

To schedule for MCH Medical Clinic call 620-767-5126 to schedule for Chase County Family Health Center, call 620-273-6131.


E.M. Elamin, MD (Medical Oncology) with the Central Care Cancer Center, Emporia location, will be here based on appointments.  To schedule an appointment, call 620-342-1117.


Daniel Samani, MD will be at the MCH Clinic First and Third Tuesday.  To schedule an appointment call 620-767-5126.


Steve Short, DO, will no longer be coming to MCH Clinic but will continue to read Sleep Studies.  For an appointment call 620-767-5126.


Felipe Rosso, MD based out of Manhattan is here: Third Monday of the month. To schedule call 620-767-5126


Fadi V. Bedros, MD based out of Manhattan call to schedule 785-565-9500.

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