Administrator Bi-Week Review – Plus COVID #16

Has anybody else got the sense that we are stuck in a rut of mechanical living, with each weekly cycle pretty much repeating itself for the past eight months? It often can feel that way in the work setting, but never to the degree it has been felt in 2020. Sure, we have discovered new ways of disinfecting and protecting ourselves and who we serve. We are using technology better than ever to remotely help diagnose and treat our patients. And it is true that we now have football back and another election marked by deplorable back and forth bashing of whatever minutia can be drummed up. And we are having glorious fall weather that brings some smiles to our faces and we are again educating our kids in the best ways we can surmise. But the drudgery of COVID continues to dictate much of what we do and how we do it…which is a whole lot like what we experienced last week. I’m setting the table for an excuse of not having much new news to share this week.

I thank God that he created us as resilient beings and I know we are all persevering because of the hopes we have in a new vaccine, and that all trials eventually come to an end. That is the restorative message I offer today…that we collectively are quite adept at solving problems (even as we are at creating them). Good things ARE coming out of this trial, and new energies are being born to make us a better place to live, work, study, and recreate. We just have to stay the same boring course until this trial can be deemed over. That is about as good as it gets from a big picture perspective. From a more individualized perspective, I hope you are each experiencing some memorable personal highlights during this trial!

For MCH, September ended much like August ended, and July before it. Our overall volumes are hovering at 90% what pre-COVID activity yielded, which keeps us just short of our goals. We have been covered up in COVID testing, but fortunately, our community has not succumbed to the devastation, which COVID has caused many others. Those infected are gratefully getting better at home, although some only with considerable discomfort. We have a lot to be thankful for in Morris County, despite the doldrums of similar weeks, one after the other. And I remain especially thankful for all the clinicians in Morris County who continue to respond to the healthcare needs of our residents!

I again urge everyone to continue with use of sound sanitary measures, as we move into the start of another flu season, on top of COVID. Cautious routines remain critical in keeping these viruses at bay, and our efforts will require a heightened focus with more people out and about! Do have a good week, and do STAY SAFE. Go Chiefs and Cats – keep giving us plays to smile about.

Kevin Leeper

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