Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review
Pay Period Ending October 30th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #43”  

A little soft on our Swing Bed days of care, yet otherwise we had another robust pay period of patient activity, with three of our nine “red metrics” below, falling only one number short of being a “green metric”…one of our better distributed pay periods across the board in a long time. Furthermore, it was the first full pay period in some time that we did not care for one overnight COVID patient…although sadly we did have two patients pass away for other reasons. I thank our entire staff for your continued dedication to giving attentive, timely, and compassionate care to those we serve, despite the ongoing safeguards we have to execute for protecting all involved from contracting COVID.

The month of October seemed to fly by and the holidays are quickly ascending on us. It is a great time of year to recall those goals we set for ourselves, now many months ago, and evaluate where we stand relative to achieving those or not. There is still time left in the year to push for attainment, and wouldn’t it feel great if we could close the year out knowing, both personally and professionally, we rose to our challenges and got most of the things done that set out to do! Ending years in such a manner makes for having much larger hopes for the next year ahead. I do feel that 2022 is going to be a year of major changes for most of us regarding our economic, political, and possibly security (including cyber) fronts. But also in 2022 we can certainly hope to further ease and end the effects of COVID as a presence in our midst, and return to more conventional goal setting opportunities. Good luck to each of you in completing your 2021 year and achieving the goals you set.

I ask everyone to wish us the best with attracting Dr. Sydnee Nelson to our team, as she will be here all day on November 8th to check us out. And one last good bye to TerryAnna Albright, who left us for retirement yesterday. To all: have a great next couple of weeks.

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