Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review
Pay Period Ending November 13th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #44”

A week from today begins the 2021 traditional Holiday season! Following a prettier and more comfortable fall season than usual, I am already feeling ill prepared for the upcoming festivities…so it’s going to be another scramble to complete the Holiday drills. I hope everyone is beginning to think of something besides the shut-in months that we have had to endure and are planning guarded pleasantries during the upcoming season. Not because COVID has left us, but because we have learned to practice precautionary behaviors when around others and that a larger level of antibodies is prevalent amongst us collectively. Positive cases WILL grow if we abandon what we have learned, but I think with common sense we can certainly embrace this holiday season with a brighter outlook. But do be careful and safe – wash hands frequently.
October was a good month for MCH. We received a nice reconciliation from our recent cost report filings, and measurably increased our YTD operating income, as a result. With all the Federal money printed over the past couple of years, however, I am quite guarded that future reconciliations of many different budgets will have new rules to play by and tougher economic conditions will lie ahead. So we should be very prudent with our recent successes and continue to seek efficiencies and ways to attract new business and create new services. Our biggest challenge facing us is a significant workforce shortage crossing into nearly every department within our system. We can hopefully work together in creative manners to protect what makes our current independence sustainable.

I close with a thank you to all our Veterans, who we celebrated during my writing off-week, last week. I know there is no better country in the world to want to stand up and fight to preserve than our own, and we are all so grateful for all who played a role in doing so during their careers. I hope and pray we can follow in that same direction for centuries to come.
Please enjoy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!! And thanks to those of you who are covering the hospital that day!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

USFCR Verified Vendor