Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review
Pay Period Ending December 11th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #46”  

Reporting for this week truly offers a mixed bag of news. I prefer calling the sipped on glass “half full” so will report the GOOD NEWS first. You can tell, once again, by the green colors in the indicators below that we had a very busy early winter slate of activity. The revenue for last week alone may be the highest single week number in my nearly four year tour of duty, considerably surpassing $625K, as all service lines except OB exceeded or approached their targeted values. And speaking of OB, we have a commitment from our FP/OB recruit, Sydnee Nelson!!!! She will bring her obstetric skills and OB passion to our community in September!!! This is the MOST EAGERLY ANTICIPATED NEWS of the week! As for the year not holding up its relatively hot pace until the end, I think we can safely feel insulated from any significant drop off. This simply means we will amply exceed our budget for 2021, which called for a modest recovery from a pretty disruptive 2020. Every one of you should feel great about keeping the focus on meeting the demands and needs of our larger Community throughout another challenging year!

The year’s recovery from last year has not been an easy task. We all know COVID has persisted throughout the year and in the most recent 5-6 weeks, we have seen positive COVID results and hospitalizations spike with the same fury we saw in the late July and August weeks. If you recall in those days, I reported of the grave concern our ER staff walked with daily, with regards to the arrival of sick patients and having to deal with all the full surrounding hospitals and nowhere to transfer patients needing a level of care we are not staffed to deliver. Those days have indeed returned, and hence the flip side of my good news report.  We have tested 46 and 40 patients positive in the last two weeks, respectfully (and that is only in Morris County…not counting Chase County or Wabaunsee. Those numbers represent a higher daily average than LAST DECEMBER! People’s weariness of protecting themselves and others is not working so well, as many gatherings are being attended sans masks. I do value personal choice and the free land in which we live, but we remain in a pandemic and time tested infection control practices really need to remain a part of our daily lives until this virus is better dimmed.

Remember: Vaccinations and booster shots have proven to reduce the severity of illness, if the COVID infection is caught!

To close on another positive note, it is towards our Lord I think we should turn, in this time approaching His birth. He continues to love each of us and desires a relationship with each of us. So let the Spirit of Christmas abide with each of you and your families during this time…and let our hearts and giving spirit be with those with higher needs. Merry Christmas!!!!

CEO, Kevin Leeper

USFCR Verified Vendor