Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review – COVID UPDATE #12

Nothing much has changed over the past five months of daily reporting on COVID-19. The unique mysteries to this virus continue to keep us guessing, and new questions persist even though discoveries as to its traits grow weekly. Every business and service sector, led by our educators, are wrestling by the hour with what policies and precedents to execute in dealing with the significant remaining unknowns. The only constant throughout is that evidence supports the measurable benefits of regular hand washing, disinfecting of surfaces, social distancing, and yes, the wearing of facial protection. Staying home does save spread but is also causing other instabilities and economic strife. Isolation for the few professional sports reopening, referred to as working in the “bubble” seems to be controlling spread better than those sports not operating in a bubble environment: NBA vs. MLB.

Morris County and Chase County have seen rises in positive cases over the past two weeks, but no hospitalizations have yet been required. There is an amazing low percentage of positive tests resulted from the approximate 750 Morris County COVID tests conducted in Morris County to date – less than 1.8%, which is much lower than the State or National averages. We really cannot yet explain the empirical reason for that low a rate at this time, but accept it as a positive force in our local communities. The major contributor is that we have had no real community spread event, for which we need to be very grateful.

As for MCH, we have recovered most of the business that was diminished by the early on stay home orders. But we have also hit our typical mid-summer slump period in which there is a reduced demand for overnight stays. So though we expect softer business every summer, it does yield some unsettling nerves wondering if patients are going elsewhere, but moreover just hopeful that people are a bit healthier in these nice weather days! If we could only execute our summer travel with the accustomed freedom we have always had. Oh well – it is what it is.

I do hope local businesses are taking advantage of the CARE’s Act stimulus dollars that will again be released for the second or third iteration in the near future. Google this Act to learn how you might best participate. I remain grateful for the dedication to safety our staff has continued to demonstrate throughout this pandemic. We must stay vigilant to that cause until we have the successful vaccine that we hope lies in our near future.

Do have a good week, and do STAY SAFE.

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