Administrator’s Bi-Week In Review – COVID Update #15

Weeks with Holidays (Labor Day last week) might not appear to be what they used to feel like. There is no doubt that a holiday, by definition, is a time to break from work routines and focus on things such as gathering with those you may not see on an everyday basis. Most non retail businesses lose activity during these spells, while other businesses can have huge upticks during these needed breaks from routine. One might think COVID has changed this phenomenon in many ways, but I do not suspect it really has. We just gather less freely (for the most part) but we still do all we can to break from the normal cycle. For MCH, Labor Day weeks still have a way of reducing people utilizing healthcare…they have for each of my forty three years in the business, so you will see low numbers in our current stats, unlike the two week period just before. But we did see a continued uptick in patients with COVID suspected symptoms…so that is a change from prior years. No doubt, our recent Holiday was different from year’s past. I just hope everyone had a non-routine experience that gave you an uplifting few hours to revitalize you from the COVID blanket of confinement. As social beings, we do need our Holidays!

For those of you healthcare workers who must be front and center with Holiday coverage obligations, we all owe you a special thanks! Especially in this time where you frequently have to carefully don protective gear for the safety of yourselves and your loved ones. You all have helped minimize the spread of COID in our area, with the precautions you take on a daily basis. And on top of that you are learning more everyday about assuring those who have the disease that our treatment protocols can get them better.

I urge everyone to continue with use of sound sanitary measures, as we move into the near start of another flu season, on top of COVID. Cautious routines remain critical in keeping these viruses at bay, and our efforts will require a heightened focus with more people out and about! Do have a good week, and do STAY SAFE. Go Chiefs – keep giving us plays to smile about.

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