Administrator’s Bi-Week in review – COVID update #40

I write this with the first hint of fall in the air – pretty refreshing as we now wait for our weekly Chief’s games! Not so refreshing has been the continued insurgence of the delta variant’s migration across our country. There are signs that its movement has peaked and maybe we are easing into a trough (of the ebbs and flows we’ve gotten used to) as related to hospitalized patients in our surrounding larger facilities. Stormont Vail’s COVID census has dropped from a high of 64 ten days ago to 34 today! That is a trend we have been looking for, as locally it offers relief for the ability to transfer other types of critical patients.

But daily testing in Morris County has not quite reached that level of decline. Our hats need to be off to the local lab teams, ER teams, and public health teams that continue having to dress in protective garb and test the many symptomatic residents in need of answers each day. But as the virus has typically moved in an east to west direction for our area, there is some hope that even testing has begun to reach a declining trajectory here in our nation’s heartland. It is also apparent that wearing masks is helping to keep kids in school at USD 417, which has remained largely in the same capacity since opening a few weeks ago.

I believe I wrote something similar last September…that historically Septembers are lighter months for people seeking healthcare: kids are back busy with school, weather is more inviting, and work is quite demanding with fall harvest plans in full swing. This month has been no different as you see our numbers are softer than they’ve been in quite a while – although still better than some Septembers!

Appropriate for our current times, we celebrate Global Clean Hands this week, as well as Nursing Professional Development Week. Thanks to all those who endeavor to learn more about their chosen profession! Do have a great next couple of weeks.

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