Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review Ending May 14th

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review
Pay Period Ending May 14th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #57”  

As we have finally experienced a rather strangely brief spring, it is evident that summer is quickly bearing down on us. I am not sure I have ever seen the Flint Hills more lushly green here within a 15 mile radius of Council Grove! It should make us all thankful for the efforts our ranchers make in performing their infamous burns! May is quickly slipping by which means we are rapidly approaching the testy period of going live on a new electronic health record. As nerve wracking as I know that is for many, I hope you all are equally excited about being on the same system as the Clinic and vice versa. The immediate benefits of that should be felt by our patients, in addition to our users. I thank all of you for finding time over the next month to play with Cerner when you can and to familiarize yourselves with its features.

A nice business recovery has been experienced this last pay period…witness the green indicators surpassing the red indicators quite noticeably (21 to 16). One observation that I direct your attention to, especially Board members, is the significant decline in cash collections over the past 4-5 weeks. A solid explanation for this can be detected by seeing the amount of claims filed during the first week of May: nearly 2 million dollars, which is roughly a four week volume. This lag in filing was anticipated when we lost a biller on the first of April, and had to contract out with Centriq to get us through the final three months of using their software, before going live with Cerner in late June. It made more sense to do this than hire a replacement that would have to learn the Centriq revenue cycle for such a short term and then learn the Cerner revenue cycle directly afterwards. So the huge week of billings will soon yield a big cash catch up, to offset what will be a drop in days of cash in April and possibly May. A new biller will be hired by mid-June to focus on only learning the Cerner system.

The somewhat anticipated COVID uptick due to the new omicron subvariant BA-2 has really not reached central Kansas. In Morris County, we had five reported positive cases the first week of May, but only one case reported last week. I think it wise to maintain our current monitoring practices at the hospital entry ways at least through early June when we can evaluate the impact of returning-for-summer college students and the effects of Memorial Day traveling. If you look at spikes in numbers of surrounding States, there is still a measurable reason to be wary.

Thanks to all of you who assist in encouraging our area residents to turn to MCH for their healthcare needs. Have a great next two weeks!!



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