Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review February 19th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #51”

It is refreshing for a change, to not have much to say about a pandemic…and I do not want to make up anything that might change the good direction we are experiencing. I think for a change of pace I’ll talk about today’s date: 2-22-22. How many times in a lifetime can you count a full Yahtzee on a given date’s set of numbers (five of a kind)?? Well…I guess most of us have already lived the only other one we will ever see again…back on 1-11-11. Two are all that there will be with today’s calendar rules. Sorry for my distraction – I’m certain others will also notice that anomaly today.

As I said, positive COVID cases are shrinking very definitively and hopefully will stay that way, even though weather for the rest of this week will likely keep us inside, cooped up and perhaps more vulnerable. But I guess our respite from outside forces may be brief, as we now get to pay attention to Eastern Europe. Is there a pervasive cloud hanging around us these days? How about we just aspire for spring, and some rains, and some new businesses and tourists discovering Morris County (and a good Big 12 showing during March Madness)?!?

Forgive my rambling today…for neither do I really want to discuss the very soft three weeks we have had at MCH for our start of February. As I said in my last report, it is good for our staff to be able to breathe easier for a while, after a pretty constant flow of accelerated healthcare demands. It is definitely good that we are rather suddenly not testing and treating the COVID crud day in and out. To express the big picture, I am extremely proud of how well our entire team has worked together to endure the past two years. And I feel enthused that we can maybe get realigned to life without a pandemic driving most of our energies. I am hoping February may prove to be the segue into leaving a chapter and starting a new chapter…and in doing so we  have been granted a short term slower pace through which to rejuvenate and reconvene with our partial old and partial new ways of succeeding. In my view, success for our hospital will always be measured by retaining old and attracting new folks with health related needs – who purposefully choose to use our services! That should be our number one focus once again…and that calls for first retaining and rewarding a motivated staff that believes the same way! Only together can we make that a reality.

Thanks for staying safe and moving our world closer to its pre Covid state. Have a great next two weeks!!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

USFCR Verified Vendor