Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review July 10th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #35”

It appears that 4th of July gatherings have influenced an uptick in positive COVID testing/reporting. I’m sure you’ve seen on the news the spike in cases in the Springfield / Branson portions of Missouri, and their hospitals are full again because of numerous COVID patients, and overflowing other COVID patients into Kansas City hospitals. In Morris County, we have reported over a dozen positive cases in the first 12 days of July, so a bit more caution to assuming protective measures is highly recommended, especially as a few of the positives are involving vaccinated individuals. We just need to recall that proximity to other infected people is what transmits this virus.

I am pleased to see another midsummer two week period that reflects higher than average healthcare seeking activity at our combined locations. Not that we wish for people to suffer from feeling bad or having accidents, but that we are grateful for people’s trust in using our services as needed. It probably has more to do with pent up demand following the lengthy stay- at-home-routines people adjusted to keeping over the past sixteen months. But our monthly revenues are as high as they have ever been. Gross revenues in 2 of the past 3 months are higher than any other single month in our history (and we have held rates virtually constant for three straight years!). Granted those higher numbers do include the addition of  three new Clinics to our mix, but we all should be grateful for the strong 2021 summer performance of MCH. A financially solid healthcare system makes for an economically healthy community, and there is evidence that both are returning to health following a comparatively dormant period.

Hope everyone is enjoying or soon to enjoy a summer break. Enjoy this beginning of harvest season, along with those first fresh home grown tomatoes! Have a great week!

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