Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review June 26th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #34”

The middle two weeks of June brought literally thousands of visitors to our Community, as the Flint Hills Symphony and Washunga Days returned to form, following the dormant year of 2020. From a healthcare perspective, these many visitors and all local participants fared quite well compared to past years…very few medical interventions were called for and that is exactly how we should want it…only good times had by all. It was just good to gather amongst others again. As for COVID, I can say around here it has mostly been in conversation only (for the month only 2 positive Morris County cases identified this far into June). But I am hearing from colleagues in Manhattan and Topeka that incidents of quite sick admissions are bumping up again, so persistence of this virus is evident. It is anyone’s guess as to whether our relaxation in attending gatherings is having any measurable impact on the positive cases growing some around us. Therefore, when not eating or swimming, it is not overcautious to continue with mask wearing.

Hospital staff, medical staff, Board members, and a few Community members all participated in a Strategic Planning retreat last week, to help reign in the top 6-8 healthcare objectives we should be dialing into focus over the next few years…and to effectively prioritize those agendas. I’d say we got a long way towards listing 20 plus topics…we still have some work to do to narrow those down to a manageable number. More on that subject when we finalize our efforts, but I want to thank all participants at this time!

Audit work is also just wrapping up on the review of our 2020 financial year, and there is also some good news coming from it, as we will be getting a respectable check back from Medicare due to under payments for the year. Likewise, a bit more on that topic after our Auditor delivers his full report in the next couple of weeks. A new health plan year is starting in a couple of days (July 1), and for the second year in a row we will be changing our third party administrator and insurance carrier. We look forward to a better year, both service wise and health wise for all of our insured employees/families.

It was a very nice past two weeks pertaining to patient volumes…please note the twenty-four out of thirty-seven markers in green, signifying one of our better periods year to date. We are also proud to say that our several month long charge master review function is now over, and we are going to be able to decrease our overall relative annual charge structure by $75K and yet increase our amount paid by nearly $20K. That represents a lot of work to keep our overall prices virtually constant (down slightly) over the past three years, but still gaining slightly on our net annual income stream, as long as business volumes were identical. One of the things we learned through this process is that a couple of our nearby competitors have kept their charge below us, and we have a desire to narrow that gap through time.

Hope everyone is enjoying or soon to enjoy a summer break. Have a great and safe FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND! America Proud!!

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