Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review – March 5th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #52”

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review
Pay Period Ending March 5th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #52”  

Per the number of COVID UPDATEs listed (52), this marks the end of two full years reporting on the pandemic. No wonder we’re tired of talking and hearing about it. And the good news is there is very little to talk about here in Kansas these days, although interestingly, China is having its own blowup of the Omicron infection just recently. In Morris County, we have had only two positive cases reported through KDHE for the first full week of March. As for MCH we have lifted any restricted visitation policies, although we would still like to have only two patients in a room at any given time. We will be considering only self-directed door entry in the near future, along with the front door being open a bit later into the evening. There are still OSHA criteria we have to be able to accommodate before we can activate that change in process.

Stats picked up quite a bit from last pay period, and we did have a near daily record number of nuclear stress tests last week (6), as we had our mobile service back after some recent weather cancellations. A new stress test unit arrived just in time to make that high volume flow much better. Thank you, Tammy. We’ll role out our raises tied to 2021 evaluations in the current pay period. Thanks to all managers who have been working on completing this task. It may be that your actual sit down review with your manger supersedes your new paid rate, but managers are working on getting you all scheduled for such, if not already done.

As we continue snow shoveling we can also await spring day-light-saving time recommencing this coming Saturday evening. Longer days are always a good sign that warmer days are ahead. And without much COVID, things are looking brighter!

Thanks for all you do to make our residents turn to MCH for their healthcare needs. Have a great next two weeks!!

CEO, Kevin Leeper


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