Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review -May 15th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #31”

 Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community

Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review

Pay Period Ending May 15th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #31”  

At MCH, it was a patient busy first two weeks of May! Notice the much better Green vs. Red numbers below – a ratio we have not seen in quite a while!! We all know we are here every day to serve our Communities’ healthcare needs, so it is a welcome sign when we are collectively busier fulfilling that purpose of making others well.

We owe a lot of appreciation to businesses around town who donated very nice gifts for last week’s honoring of our staff during National Hospital Week. I have never seen such an out pouring of gratitude by the general population as this Community showed this year, with their gracious treats to be shared with so many randomly drawn names of our staff! I also thank our Team Building Committee for organizing activities and fun ways of distributing these gifts. I hope you all enjoyed the week as much as I did, and we managed all this while still taking care of a spike in business.

Work continues towards the kickoff of a voice recognition product for Radiology reporting, of which we are confident will optimize timely flow of critical information. The new digital equipment and C-Arm is working very nicely for multiple functions. Other work continues with securing renewal proposals for the new Employer sponsored health plan year – thank you all for completing the requisite health survey – and also in preparation for the Strategic Planning Retreat on June 23rd and 24th. This effort is already turning up some data that promises some useful dialogue for our future considerations.

As we sense and witness an emergence back into a world of more interactions with friends and neighbors, it is appropriate to drop COVID discussion towards the bottom of agendas…I think we are all quite tired of the topic dominating our thoughts. Positive test results have not gone away, but they have certainly subsided to a fraction of what they were. Most of us in healthcare have become so accustomed to mask wearing that it is weird not to don one when out and about. That habit should still not be disregarded, as we know the routine has helped stem the spread of COVID, as well as the higher concentration of vaccinated persons in our midst. There are still travel warnings for certain parts of the country (and abroad), so attention to those “hotter” areas should still be on your radar. Please continue to be careful!

Our Congratulations go out to all the new Graduates in our bandwidth! Have a great end of May and Memorial Day Holiday!

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