Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review May 29th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #32”

The second half of May followed the same busy pattern as the first half of the month, with over 62% of our volume indicators beating the targeted weekly numbers, and more evidence that people are returning to their healthcare needs more commonly seen in pre-COVID days. As for a COVID statistics, May had the fewest monthly number of Morris County positive cases since July of last year, and the fewest monthly number of actual COVID testing performed since June of last year. The two departments most directly involved with those functions, Lab and the Public Health Department, both experienced their lightest pay periods of overall statistical activity in well over a year – they deserve the break!!

Due to a vacation attached to a conference, I am late with this report and will thus make it brief. I trust everyone had a good Memorial Holiday, and that locals are looking forward to a busy June, which just started with the Unbound Gravel bicycle race last weekend. That event is being followed up with a Michael Martin Murphy concert, christening the new amphitheater this Friday, and then the Flint Hills Symphony, just south of town on Saturday evening. The Washunga Festival follows next weekend, and volunteers are still needed, if anyone is interested and might want a free weekend armband. Please see the Chamber staff if you are available. All of this excitement in Council Grove is further energized by the 12 scheduled Grand Opening businesses that have been taking place since January of 2021, stretching through September of this year!! Council Grove is truly taking on a new look, thanks to the many young couples moving to the area and starting new businesses!! We thank them and wish them all the very best! This concludes my brief hospital and Community update.

USFCR Verified Vendor