Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review – November 27th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #45”

December is here and we’re still seeing 70+ degree weather…no complaints from any of us. Unfortunately we have ended the month of November with quite an upsurge in positive COVID activity…both in the County at large and at last inside our CG school houses. Per KDHE data, the week of November 24th through November 30th gave Morris County 34 positive test results, compared to the entire month of October only having 35 positive results. Attribution can primarily be attached to more complacency over protective measures…just when there was hope that this pandemic might be getting better managed. And the actual reported COVID deaths in Kansas for the three months of September through November was 1,124, up from the prior quarter’s number of 501. That proves the relentless nature of this virus and I write this for all to read, so that you all might turn back the clock a bit when out and about and don the masks and pay more attention to preventive measures once again. Those of us in the healthcare world are really tiring of this menacing pandemic, as continuously donning protective gear for self-protection is a tedious process, let alone the gravity associated in dealing with patients painfully in distress from the symptoms of COVID. We will persevere!

I have encouraging feedback from two FP/OB physicians who seem interested in Council Grove as a practice destination. One, Sydnee Nelson, who visited us about three weeks ago, is keenly interested in next steps to firm up her commitment! She will be available in August if all goes well. The other doctor, John Price, is not available until the following August, and his wife will be scouting out Council Grove over this weekend or next, to evaluate whether she can support his apparent interest in this location. We all know recruitment is a family deal, and the Price family has several children to consider.

I remain grateful for the ongoing trust in using MCH’s overall services that our residents continue to demonstrate. Our staff hopes to shake off the virus cloud that persists and hopefully initiate some new services in the coming year, as we are blessed with many loyal employees who would like to broaden our scope of services.

I’d like to close with a personal announcement that I came back from the Thanksgiving holiday as a newlywed…yes I married Ms. Jean Stallman and she will be happily moving to our quaint little community! Ensuring companionship is indeed a commitment worth making. Have a great start to your December as well!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

USFCR Verified Vendor