Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review Pay Period Ending January 23rd – Plus “COVID UPDATE #24”

Well a New Year has been launched, and it may well be worth holding on tightly, as a lot is being quickly undone and reengineered at the Federal level, at least. If expressing one’s beliefs and convictions was ever needed, it may be the time to brush up on those skills – and put them into practice. I will retreat from politics…this is a healthcare narrative. In the heart of winter, although to date one on the milder side, we expected to have more patient activity than normal, and along with COVID activity, this has been the reality month to date. Clearly we deliver excellent care at Morris County Hospital, and I thank all the patrons who acknowledge our caring spirit and rendering of quality medical judgements. I expect a 2021 rebound year of many sorts, as the new COVID vaccines will eventually overcome our vulnerability to this persistent virus. Our team is doing a great job in delivering each and every vaccine shipped to our doorstep…unfortunately the quantities per shipment are woefully inadequate for the demand we are recording. Please keep letting us know of your interest – call either the MCH Medical Clinic or the Health Department to add your names to the vaccine wish lists.

In the data below, you will notice some new 2021 budgeted weekly targets. Some values were revised slightly lower following the impact of COVID and 2020, but most trended up some, as we expect a return to more normal clinic and swing bed activity in the near future. I want to remind all our readers that we were very fortunate to have upgraded and/or enhanced much of our diagnostic and monitoring equipment during 2020, and spilling into the first quarter of 2021. Some of this was aided by some stimulus dollars, but much was triggered by planned replacement strategies. It is important to stay up with technological improvements in our business.

This week we will finally honor our milestone tenured employees at an in-house reception. Normally this is a midsummer event at a nice restaurant, but something got in the way of that last year (?), so we are improvising at best to recognize these key longer term employees in our organization. A list of those being honored can be seen in the cafeteria. The beat COVID rant continues into the new year, meaning we must continue protecting ourselves and each other with mask wearing, hand washing, and proper spacing. Thanks for continuing to take this seriously.

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