Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review Pay Period Ending March 6th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #26”

A softer inpatient census the past two weeks was offset by a return to a more normal number of visits at our next door Clinic, as well as a robust level of outpatient services, which lead to budgeted revenue numbers and more green indicators than red, as seen in our stats below. I do believe that the break from the cold snap and the significant decline in positive COVID testing is making a difference in people’s attitudes about getting out more and actually returning to their physicians for visits that were being delayed over the peak COVID months. As the vaccine gets further injected, there is truly a sense of optimism that life’s old routines may once again be experienced. Our Public Health Department continues to receive weekly distributions of vaccine and is conducting Vaccine Clinics at the Armory every Monday (Moderna), Tuesday (Pfizer), and when available Johnson & Johnson, on Wednesdays. As of yesterday they have given over 1,800 doses in Morris County, but are still trying to get all the population over 65 years of age (Phase 2 guidelines). They have done a great job in administering all of the product received.

A project that should help with the efficiency of receiving a Radiologist’s report for an emergency or recommended imaging study is well under way. We are adopting a voice recognition service which will enable a Radiologist’s dictated study to be rapidly digitized and sent to the ordering Physician, facilitating their treatment plan. As there are four different software interfaces required to complete this process, we anticipate this service running optimally around the end of April.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Dr. Haley Lowell will select Council Grove as her post residency destination in the coming fall. She and her husband, Dirk, were here this week, concluding her site searches, and she has four Kansas suitors from which to choose. She would offer an exceptional FP/OB addition to our team.

Even though things are improving on the COVID front, we feel that ongoing mask wearing, social distancing, and limited screened accesses into our hospital are responsible features worthy of continuance. The variant versions of COVID remain a concern, so until we weather a few more light weeks, we will likely continue with these practices. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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