Administrator’s Bi-week in Review – Plus COVID #17

Greetings again from a still pretty much locked down hospital, still asking most of our support system of patients to wait outside while inside we attend to our patients and your loved ones…now with getting colder parking lot conditions. These don’t feel like very civil ways of dealing with many of you, but I know and appreciate that everyone does seem to understand the nature of this pandemic…we don’t like it but we are living with it. Hopefully we will figure out a way to open up our warmer interior during the worst days coming up. Over the last few days, and I do only mean the last 5-6 days, there has at least been a flattening if not reduction of COVID testing going on in our service area. We have to capture these good signs when they occur, or we can really get caught with wondering when this might ever end. This virus does seem to run its course in geographical areas over a several week period, before moving on to a next lessor affected area. Since we were one of the last areas to be broached with this “Covid creature”, I’m not sure where it will migrate next…but maybe we are nearing an end of its focus in the mid-central portions of our nation. The near future will tell.

At MCH we experienced a softer two week period than the previous couple. We are not seeing the post-operative recovering patients in our skilled bed unit like we see in normal times, meaning we think that fewer people are pursuing elective orthopedic procedures. This might be expected in these circumstances. But we were very busy in our Imaging Department over the past two weeks, as the majority of our Green values lied with their disciplines, in addition to the busy Lab and Public Health Department due to their testing demands. We are thankful for the stimulus driven SPARK funds recently made available as we have received the lion’s share of the new equipment we ordered to accommodate critical care needs in our Emergency Room, EMS units, as well as in our remote Clinics.

As we roll into the last quarter of 2020, we are all anxious about the pending election and all of the uncertainties that go with any undetermined outcome. Whatever happens, we know we will have to bank on our resilience as a local community and as a nation. But I do find it somewhat comforting that 2020 will soon be over, just so that COVID will also be over soon afterwards.

It remains important to continue a life choosing sound sanitary measures, as we have moved into the start of another flu season, with COVID still prominent. Cautious routines remain critical in keeping these viruses at bay, and our efforts will require a heightened focus with more people out and about! Do have a good week, and do STAY SAFE. Keep going Chiefs and Cats – with your pleasant diversions in our weeks.

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