Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review – Plus “COVID UPDATE #14”

As predicted by most, positive COVID activity has trended up again as we move into the new month of September. Obviously there is a whole lot more testing being done on college campuses as well as thru our public school systems, so an uptick in positive results is totally expected. Furthermore rapid test machines are becoming more available, and mandated at nursing home settings, so again the likelihood of validating the existence of COVID residing amongst us is being accelerated. Therefore, the same song of avoiding crowds should be adopted more than ever unless an extreme diligence to distancing and face covering is adhered to. Despite there being a growing cry of tiredness of the isolating lifestyles we have been asked to adopt, we need to stay the course as best we can, as in every passing week it appears we are getting closer to securing vaccine options. It may well take months following introduction of an even successful vaccine before we will be able to relax from performing the ongoing safety precautions we have been taking. But with a vaccine, at least an end could be in sight.

At MCH, our month of August began with but a fraction of what a busy month would convey. But the last two weeks have returned with a robust surge in patient activity, and we had the busiest pay period since February! It is good to once again test our capabilities to handle spikes in business, and it was probably good that school had started and vacations days for staff were at a minimum. Thanks for the good work! Thanks too for the support the Assisted Living kitchen staff offered for MCH over the Labor Day weekend. There was a need to close the MCH kitchen for a deep cleaning COVID precaution, and the Assisted Living Center catered meals to our patients for a 3-4 day period. It was certainly nice to have added a new kitchen to our list of resources over the last year. Good job to all involved with making that work around happen!

I hope everyone is enjoying this cool start to an early Fall (perhaps), and it is nice to see the Chiefs start off their title defense in a winning fashion last night – not to overlook the Braves christening their new field with a convincing win. Football simply brings a degree of normalcy back into our lives, in the midst of one of the most abnormal years on recent record.

I urge everyone to continue with use of sound sanitary measures, as we move into the near start of another flu season, on top of the rest. Cautious routines remain critical in keeping these viruses at bay, and our efforts will require a heightened focus with more people out and about! Do have a good week, and do STAY SAFE.

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