Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review – Plus COVID Update #18

The month of October closed with a flurry of local COVID activity, highlighted by an increase of 26 new positive test
results for Morris County in this two week reporting period (with several tests still pending results). Chase County also
experienced a similar uptick. The larger urban hospitals in our service area, in taking on most of the regional hospitalizations.
each reported their highest COVID censuses since the outbreak began. We are thankful for those facilities, namely Stormont
Vail for our area, that have proven their value in rehabilitating infected patients and returning them home following
treatment. The treatment regimens have definitely improved over recent weeks! Most of our positive patients are getting
better at home, without hospitalization.

As we await todays election results, there are incredibly anxious market conditions that are sure to be volatile for the next
few days, if results are not crystal clear before tomorrow’s sunrise. Wall Street seems to have a mind of its own on most
days, but todays election results will give it new found energy for unpredictability. I just hope we will come out of this
with a “Pride in America” that remains extreme important to the super majority of our citizens. This is a topic of which I
think there is a lot at stake, and I hope with whoever wins, we all stand up for the needed preservation of keeping our nation
great — with a commitment to still take charge of our destiny (I will say nothing more of a political nature)!

MCH is experiencing what I believe most other healthcare campuses are experiencing: lower Clinic and ER utilization
compared to pre-COVID times, lower surgical procedures. and slightly lower non-COVID inpatient activity. The declines
in cumulative revenues are putting us at some risk, but our government has helped most of us out with an offset of COVID
subsidy. Much is dependent on how the government chooses to execute the payback (or not) of the already dispersed
subsidies. For reason of this uncertainty, it doesn’t feel like COVID will be over in full for many more months, if not years.
That said, a solid clinical vaccine that helps curb its contagious pathway is far and away the next most important needed
step. If we can deal with the financial fallout in healthier overall conditions. the economic piece wiII be a whole lot more

So in closing I issue the same song and umpteenth verse on using all the known safety measures, as COV1D still remains
prominent. Cautious routines remain critical in keeping both COVID and Flu at bay, and our efforts should remain focused
as more people are out and about!  Do have a good week. and do STAY SAFE. Keep going Chiefs — with your pleasant
diversions week to week.

Kevin Leeper, CEO

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