Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review – Plus COVID Update #19

The COVID havoc is definitely still wanting to steal the headlines throughout our State and Nation. MCH is thankfully staying under the radar, but no idea for how long or short that might continue. Our referring hospitals in Topeka, Wichita, and Kansas City are all bursting at the seams with hospitalized COVID patients, and are begging for relief and cessation of transfers. I have reported earlier this week that our Morris County positive tests have soared in the past two weeks, but we can still thankfully say that very few are requiring hospitalization. But we are on shaky ground, if the tide of positive testing continues.

A big concern is that we are entering the “interaction” time of year. It is being smartly encouraged by many to reconsider even holding the big family Holiday reunions at this critical time of infectious spread. Delaying the normal seasonal gathering functions may well be the best for everyone. It didn’t hurt any of us all that bad that the Masters was moved from the spring to the fall this year. Maybe our Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings should be similarly moved forward by a few months??

I will say that this pandemic has elevated some diagnosis and treatment skill sets throughout our healthcare industry. There has been a renewed focus on effective cleaning procedures as well as the evolution of rapid testing technology, remote doctoring, and very creative utilization of limited resources. The supply side arm of our nation’s manufacturing focus has also been put to the test and has responded well over recent weeks and months. It is apparent that new norms are being developed to the point that a pre-COVID snapshot of what our world looked like, will probably never be seen as an exact replica.

At MCH we have suffered some from the COVID fallout in that some staff members have had to be quarantined. But all in all we have been able to continue working at a 94-95% clip of the same time prior year activity. We have a lot more to be thankful for at this point, than we do to feel depressed about. I hope that can remain true for the rest of Morris County residents! And again, a big thank you goes out to all of you Clinical Healthcare workers that are putting your health at risk in taking care of the sick in this uncomfortable time!!!

So in closing I issue the same song, and umpteenth verse on using all the known safety measures, with COVID remaining prominent. Cautious routines remain critical in keeping both COVID and Flu at bay, and our efforts should become more diligent towards reducing interactions with those outside your normal circles! Do have a good week, and do STAY SAFE. Keep going Chiefs – with your pleasant diversions week to week.


Kevin Leeper, CEO

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