Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review – Plus COVID Update #22

Quite the ten month journey we have all been enduring as we close out 2020! Who a year ago might have anticipated this veil of disruption we have had to consider and deal with for most of the year? In an era of finger pointing, it really doesn’t matter at this stage if this virus was evolved in a lab in Wuhan, China, or if it was just going to happen because of the nature of science. One thing is for certain, this global pandemic has helped us evolve an elevated perspective of the importance of global leadership and with whom we can align a sense of trust in leading us forward…not that anything there has been resolved. But the New Year does bring a measurable level of change, and I hope everyone effectively utilizes their voice to help shape the changes that our democratic majority must help dictate! As for changes here at home, I think we can all attest to learning a lot about how we respond to a crisis and how effective we have been as a healthcare community in caring for each other and doing the best we can in a difficult time. I remain super proud of the larger MCH Team that has sacrificed their safety over and over in order to assist those with possible life threatening conditions. What a learning curve we have been on and hopefully gaining in new knowledge of providing better responsive treatments and safer courses of prevention. I THANK ALL OF YOU who have shown the dedication you have demonstrated in improving public and private health for everyone we serve!

As for MCH, it was especially nice that prior to Christmas Day, the majority of our previously treated COVID patients were well enough to be discharged home, although not everyone was so fortunate. Our hearts do go out to the many families everywhere who lost loved ones to this pandemic. But here we are ending the year with a quieter period of activity than earlier in the month, and we certainly hope that Christmas and New Year get-togethers do not change that dramatically over the next two weeks…although another spike is anticipated.

Normal “years in review” simply do not seem indicated to be written this year. It may be many more months before we can accurately attest how the financial impact of 2020 truly impacts our 2020 year-end ledgers. It certainly makes budgeting for next year difficult as well, since we are not yet out of COVID’s grip, nor will we be for a few more months. But we are still resourceful people and will continue to adjust to the challenges we face. It is nice to be a part of a positive thinking community (in America no less), and for that we can manifest plenty of hope of continued endurance. I certainly see 2021 as a great rebound year for all who keep their faith in God and in our personal abilities!

So in closing I continue to issue the same safety precautions message we have spoken for all these months. Please exercise sound judgement and safe practices. Do have a good week, and do STAY SAFE. Keep going Chiefs – Patrick never ceases to amaze us week to week, right? AND EVERYONE: Do Have A Very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Thank you,
Kevin Leeper, CEO

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