Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review – September 4th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #39”

 Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community

A very steady summer has ended for our hospital and clinics…perhaps a bit busier than a normal summer, as we averaged just over one inpatient being treated with COVID for virtually the whole three months. We have been fortunate to have returned to or surpassed the volumes for the rest of our services, compared to pre-COVID levels, and our overall revenues reflect that growth over prior year. I do have empathy for our larger referral centers who have had to adapt to higher than normal volumes, mostly due to the large spike of Delta Covid infected patients that have kept their ICUs at full capacity rates. This puts our local patients at risk for securing a critical need ICU bed, when our normal transfer channels are on bypass. The better news for the last week, in Morris County, is that the number of positive COVID cases, as reported through KDHE, is down from 15 to 7 from the preceding seven days…per the 9/8/2021 reported figures. So despite the County recently being sued for the exercising of a County-wide mask mandate, the recent results bear out some fruits for the mask wearing “hardship”. It is a reminder that we are all in this together and we will only get out of it all together.

We should very soon be back in the stress testing business as our new equipment arrived today, 9-8-21, to replace the out of service unit that had served us for the past 11 years. This testing is a valuable piece to our cardiology support program. Also this week, we wish to acknowledge our hardworking Environmental Services staff and Engineering Department, during their respective National Week celebrations! Our EV and Maintenance team does a great job in keeping our facility clean and operational through all the daily challenges of doing so. Also want to acknowledge our Assisted Living Center Team as next week represents their National Assisted Living Week celebration. They have endured a very difficult year of restrictive living rules through the pandemic, and done a great job of maintaining a positive spirit.

Our ER team ended the summer with a very busy Labor Day weekend, and want to thank that team, as well, for their commitment to serving those in urgent or acute need. I encourage folks to enjoy the many fall outdoor activities coming up, but if you cannot practice social distancing, please keep a mask handy and protect each other from the ever present possibility of carrying an asymptomatic COVID infection. For everyone that doesn’t get very sick with this virus, the next one can get extremely sick in catching it. Have a great next couple of weeks.

USFCR Verified Vendor