Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review – Week ending April 16th

Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review

Week Ending April 16th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #55″

The state of our Domestic as well as Global economic conditions are certainly adding anxiety and confusion to most family’s current dinner conversations. Inflation and possible “new world orders” are on everyone’s minds. The topic brings to bear the substantially under accessible mental health services we have in our delivery system these days. I have been to a couple brain storming sessions in recent weeks to discuss how we can enhance our mental health resources, and I know there are numerous dialogues in many State legislative committees regarding the lack of funding being directed to mental health needs. So it is a subject on my mind lately, and something I think we should all be more sensitive to as our economy (from what we have known in recent past) appears ready for some potentially significant realignment. And financial disruptions are a huge contributor to mental health disruptions. I am all ears to anyone’s ideas on how we can better prepare ourselves for an uptick in such needs. And in the meantime: shop wisely!

With finances in mind I am pleased to announce an added service to our employee package, called “Your Money Line”, a coaching service offered through our insurance broker, Gallagher. This will give each employee access to an online financial adviser. Training on this new service will be discussed in next week’s quarterly Retirement Plan updates. Jeff Schober will be onsite for these meetings on the 26th to further introduce. There will not be an employee charge for this service.

This week and next week we are recognizing through National Week designations our Volunteers, our HIM Staff, and our Lab Professionals for their significant roles in the delivery of our patient services. I want to personally thank each member of those teams for their dedication to their chosen fields.

It is nice to be able to move COVID discussion to the end of the report…we have had three positive cases in Morris County from April 1st through the 15th of April, so still not hearing of too much concern in Kansas with the new variant. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Thanks to all of you who assist in encouraging our area residents to turn to MCH for their healthcare needs. Have a great next two weeks!!

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