Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review week ending December 25th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #47”

So this report represents our last full pay period for 2021! Quite the overall year and another solid two week period for MCH, with more people needing our care then we like to talk about at this holiday time. We are sorry for those that became ill, with many, unfortunately, from the same fateful reason we have been talking about for two years. Our actual County wide positive COVID test numbers actually dropped quite a bit from the previous two weeks: to 19 and 18, respectfully (compared to 46 and 40). So though many people are still getting COVID and Flu tested, due to symptoms and/or exposures, in Morris County we are experiencing a bit of slowdown in actual infections. The most concerning part is that the overall State has not slowed down and hence the hospitals to which we typically transfer our patients needing specialty intervention are still at full capacity, making moving a patient to the appropriate level of care still extremely difficult. This feature has kept our staff extra busy and I’d like to take this moment to especially thank our nurses, technicians, and providers for their grittiness, compassion, and determination to do whatever it takes to serve our patients as effectively as needed. You all ROCK! The Omicron virus is spreading quite rapidly in Kansas, so it is not difficult to project which direction the future infection rate will go, very likely north, as people are gathering more during this week’s holidays. So please wear masks, keep safe distances, and be very careful of common food/drink containers.

I want to publically honor and thank three outgoing MCH Board Members, who collectively have served our hospital for 79 years!! Tom Jernigan, Bill Miller, and Don Harmison are stepping down after 27, 27, and 25 years of service respectfully.

They have helped lead and direct three different expansion efforts as well as the merger of our physician practices into the Hospital system, and we owe them a significant debt of gratitude for their voluntary work! They are being replaced at the January meeting with Angela Schwerdtfeger, Steve Morgan, and Marty Wright, and we gladly welcome them to our team!

I trust everyone had a memorable and meaningful Christmas and that you are sharpening your pencils to attack the New Year with some invigorating new goals and commitmentsJ. As we hoped at the end of 2020, we will certainly hope and pray for the more thorough winding down of this wrenching pandemic.           HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

Kevin Leeper

USFCR Verified Vendor