Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review Pay Period Ending October 2nd – Plus “COVID UPDATE #41”

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review
Pay Period Ending October 2nd – Plus “COVID UPDATE #41”  

What a difference a couple weeks makes. After conceding in my last report, that slower activities are usual for most Septembers,  I am proud to show that this last pay period produced 27 out of our 37 targeted indicators in green (below), or better than budgeted values for the two week period. If memory serves, this ratio represents the best overall pay period for MCH in well over a year and a half – so forget what I said about slower Septembers! I thank the whole MCH team for your efforts in producing these meaningful figures!! As we start our final quarter for 2021, it would be nice to finish the year much as we have experienced the last nine months, with limited COVID and being here to help others maintain their health.

Anecdotally, I am hearing of significant declines in positive COVID activity towards our easterly states, including in Kansas City. I think our local activity is slowing at a lesser degree, but perhaps we are overly interested in it ceasing all together. On a positive note, our Morris County daily rate is about what it was last October, when we were experiencing the beginning of a rather rapid incline in the number of daily positive tests. This October we are in a declining pattern which will hopefully remain true, and NOT return to last winter’s levels.

Appropriate for our current calendar, we celebrate National Food Services Week and National Supply Chain Week this week, as well as National Physician Assistant Week next week. So Special Thanks go out to: Deb Benning, and Carol Coirier, our two awesome PAs, and to Nancy, Shannon, Liz, Sondra, Chrissie, and Emma who feed us all so well, and to Tiffany and Mark, who so intently keep us equipped and supplied with all we need to do our daily functions! You all are great!

I do hope all of you have a great next couple of weeks. Enjoy the pre-raking fall days and great weather.

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