Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review

Pay Period Ending August 7th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #37”

The COVID variant spread continues in the Midwest. Larger hospitals throughout Kansas and its contiguous
states (and beyond) are struggling daily to manage the inflow of COVID admissions in addition to normal
transfers into their beds from rural facilities who locally do not have the required specialty care coverage. The
bottleneck being experienced here in the midst of summer is quite alarming, as it is equal in intensity to the peak
months of November through January last winter, even though the overall number of positive cases per day is
nowhere near last winter’s numbers. The variant is truly hitting its victims harder. Healthcare worker burnout is
going to be a major factor if this variant cannot be better contained before flu season also hits as normal in the
coming autumn days. Just realize that the slow down period we were awarded in April and May was not a very
long break for those having to deal with the daily worry of catching COVID all over again. Stormont Vail.
Ascension Via Christi-Manhattan. and KUMed Center respectfully have 47, 23, and 45 active COVID patients in
their buildings today. again, hospital numbers replicating the worst day-s of last winter.

The best message to deliver here is to take this virus seriously — all over again.. and do take the free vaccine that
is available in many settings around you… its risks are less than the potential fallout that being infected with this
COVID variant can bring.

MCH experienced a lighter couple of weeks than managed over most of this summer. It proved to he a good time
to give the parking lot a nice new sealed and refreshed look. It is also very nice to welcome Dr. Frese back to his
practice following a post-op recovery period. Also it is timely to wish the best for our returning teachers and
students to USD 417 and 481 schools next week! It is our hope to keep all school open and safe for the duration
of the year!

Here’s to a great weekend for all.

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