Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review
Pay Period Ending April 2nd – Plus “COVID UPDATE #54”  

With no interest in alarming us here in the Midwest, I guess I should share that it was written in our Becker’s Hospital Review just today: “as the more contagious omicron subvariant BA.2 makes up 72 percent of new cases in the U.S., infections are ticking upward in 28 states and D.C. as of April 7”. New variants start on our two coasts, as we are used to seeing. If the numbers recently reported are correct that nearly 72% of adult Kansans have been vaccinated, then perhaps we need to be guarded but not overly concerned that a new variant is likely headed this way. Hospitalization spikes are the largest concerns we have, and at this time with Stormont Vail down to one COVID patient two days ago, and none of our outlying smaller hospitals having any COVID patients for many days now, it is easy to further relax our concerns. Our staff is in the process of a “demobilization effort” here at MCH, and that means we are thinking of life in an endemic status primarily. An endemic status is differentiated from a pandemic status by its nature of being present but more regionalized, and hence its spread more predictable and controllable. Unfortunately we will continue with a mask requirement inside our facilities, as we must still guard against compromising our patients and more vulnerable staff members. Masking has truly helped us over the past two years in minimizing spread within our doors.

We have had a busy two weeks of outside training of the new Cerner software, targeted to our super user team who will assist in training the rest of the staff over the next few weeks. I find the pathway to conversion that we are in the midst of, to be an accelerated version of similar conversion paths I have been on previously. It speaks to the well-organized structure that we have aligned with via the Great Plains Alliance team. I know that proof of a successful conversion can only be measured by evaluating the workflows during the first several weeks following Go-Live day, but I have a sense that we will suffer no significant setbacks and will come out in a much better position within 60-90 days of going live.

It was good for our State to see a National Champion crowned this week, and as I finish this message, the Royals are about to open a new baseball season. So life goes on much as we have known it in years past…I just think we are more at odds with each other politically and economically than ever before…so my hopes are we can reacquaint and more fully get along despite the much publicized differences. Our small town life gives us a better grip on doing so than in many other places!

Thanks to all of you who assist in encouraging our area residents to turn to MCH for their healthcare needs. Have a great next two weeks!! And welcome to our new MCH Foundation Director, Stacy Zeigler!

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