Administrator’s Bi-Week Review plus COVID Update #13

The whole COVID thing seemed to get a little closer to home last week, as five new positives were identified in Morris County and we have seen our first positive inpatient in our facility. As a consequence we elected to cancel our annual golf tournament on the 22nd, as a precautionary measure. Last week also marked the point where all Kansas Counties have now experienced a positive tested resident, as the last two unaffected Counties fell victim. Average daily positive numbers have trended higher in August than they did in July across Kansas, which does not forebode so well for September when schools reopen. The good news is that treatment protocols seem to have reduced the death rate, and perhaps more immunities are being developed as this virus has pretty well swept across the whole country at this point. We were treated especially well by KDHE when we told them of our admitted COVID patient. They actually had some of the preferred medicine, Remdesivir, flown in from Topeka to get our patient treated as soon as possible!

At MCH, our summer is wrapping up with a somewhat softer than normal level of activity, other than lots of school physicals, lab testing, and close to normal ER and Clinic outpatient utilization. Our new task force is reviewing our charge master and preparing our facility for the new 2021 Price Transparency requirements. It has had its first couple of meetings, and participants are busy gathering lots of rate data, from both in-house and across our region, so that we can make the best pricing recommendations to our Board later this fall.

On Monday, the 24th, we celebrated our Hospital’s 66th Birthday at its current location! Cake and ice cream were in order, and we owe gratitude to so many who have capably served MCH throughout these decades. Cheers!

I urge everyone to continue with use of sound sanitary measures, as we start school in less than a week. Cautious routines will be critical in keeping this virus at bay, and our efforts will require a heightened focus with more people out and about! Do have a good week, and do STAY SAFE.

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