Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Pay Period Ending September 16th

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
For Pay Period Ending September 16th

Despite a pay period starting with a Holiday weekend, we experienced another very busy two weeks of activity, with more than twice of our metrics exceeding targets as those missing targets. We moved our Ultrasound services into the old ER unit, with the intent of sharing it one day a week with our new nuclear medicine service. Early impressions are that it is a far more comfortable space for both the technician and the patient, so we await more feedback from those who might utilize it.

We are grateful that Dr. Price has agreed to serve as our County Coroner, and he was “sworn in” and approved for such this past week by the Morris County Commissioners. I wish to thank Lisa Meyer for filling in for this role since January, despite her busy ER schedule and not having all the State required credentials.

We seem to be experiencing lots of growing pains in 2023. This a good thing to be challenged with, but it does force us to think though work flows differently. In times of staffing shortages and competing with the many other like facilities in Kansas for a reduced labor pool, we must convey genuine gratitude for all of our employees and try our best to operate efficiently (and hence profitably), so that we can share annual successes across the system. I hope our year continues as in our recent pattern, finishes strong, and we can all feel proud of our results.

On the 18th, we welcomed our new CNO, Kevin Kepley, from Galena, Kansas and Mercy Hospital Joplin. We look forward to his fresh insights on retaining and growing the strong nurse force we have here at MCH! Thanks for being here, Kevin, and mostly, I thank everyone again for putting our PATIENTS FIRST, each and every day at MCH!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

USFCR Verified Vendor