Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Pay Period Ending September 30th

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
For Pay Period Ending September 30th

Three/fourths of 2023 are behind us already. As I am just old, I won’t talk about time flying…maybe it’s just that the football season seems to move faster than a baseball season.  I remain excited that perhaps it’s being busy and always working hard to catch up as another reason the days are zipping by. Indeed MCH and all its related parties are remaining busy with patient services. As I keep mentioning…this is a blessing. With an added physician and requisite staff, we need to be attracting additional patients and their need for services.

This week closes out with word of a neighboring hospital saddled with a totally different condition. Herington’s Board last night, 10-5-23, officially voted to close their facility, after so valiantly fighting the lengthy battle of providing services with a diminished number of providers and dealing with the years of financial woes. Rural healthcare is a tough business, but our hearts go out to all of their staff, contractors, Board members, and their Community at large, for now having to deal with loss of jobs and minimal local healthcare.

I have reached out to their Interim Administrator/Consultant from Amberwell, Jeff Perry, and offered our immediate help in sharing with his staff as many open job opportunities as we know of or can anticipate, and a willingness to meet with qualified candidates on their turf early next week. So, as their shut down of operations is going to be quite rapid, perhaps we can lessen the financial worries for a handful of their employees, and bolster our own staffing needs in the process. The adage of “some doors close and others open” is most needed in these tough times.

This report is best wrapped up at this juncture. And my closing comment is strictly about saying thanks to all of our past, present, and future Board members, employees, physicians, providers, and patients who have had the vision and fortitude to make good decisions for so many years, and have kept MCH as safe from financial distress as they could. May God’s blessings, along with all of your ongoing commitments, continue to fall on and support our really great facility. Thanks, and have an awesome two weeks.

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