Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Week Ending November 11th  

 Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
For Pay Period Ending November 11th

As we have just eased past Veteran’s Day, I will take a late moment to extend my gratitude for all the decades of Freedom Fighters who have sacrificed their time and energies to defend the lifestyle(s) to which we Americans so graciously enjoy, and perhaps take for granted. It is now as much or more up to us regular citizens to defend those same values and resist any and all movements set out to undermine them. In these quite quizzical times, we seem to be handing off more and more of our individual rights to eager hands wanting to define what is best for us…so never has there been a better moment to embrace those in and out of our Armed Services and join together to fight for the preservation of what values our Country has long stood upon. (Sorry – beware of soapbox now and then).

Back at the MCH ranch, we continue to be blessed with both ample patients and the requisite team of dedicated staff to take care of those patients! We continue enjoying the return (of several months ago) to an open model of coming and going, in spite of seasonal contagious viruses that hit some of us, but with our enhanced knowledge of simply masking by choice to protect others, we are not succumbing to extreme measures of universal precaution. I do feel we learned some valuable things through those more onerous COVID years. And my hope is we continue on this pathway of locally taking care of / protecting each other in the best ways we can conceive, trusting that we are as wise in doing so as those in DC.

We have welcomed several new employees from Herington over the past two to three weeks: Nicole Blouche, Lizzy Buchman, Ashley Eckland, and Cathy DeZago, as well as one who traveled the furthest, Elsa Rabe Decasa, from the Philippines. We are so grateful to be able to match these particular people up with needs of ours, so that together we will now be stronger. I also heard a rumbling last night that our long sought Respiratory Therapist position has been recruited! More on that next time.

I am resending this reminder: Please consider a year end gift and tax deduction to help raise our last $75K for paying off the soon to arrive 3-D Digital Mammography machine (hopes to have operational by end of January). Sounds like our match month opportunity in November is off to a good start! Thanks for all you do in keeping our patients satisfied!

CEO, Kevin Leeper

USFCR Verified Vendor