Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Year Ending April 1st, 2023

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
For Year Ending April 1st – Plus “COVID UPDATE #80”

Burning pastures means April has arrived and the greening of the Flint Hills is soon to be on us. I know I am hearing no complaints with the other great parts of a returning spring! Airing out the house and airing up the boat trailers is just something everyone likes doing once again. On the medical front, I should add that returning spring pollens sometimes kick a few of us into undesirable directions, but nothing a little Claritin can’t help remedy, right?

Yes – this is the time of year that you definitely want to be full of vim and vigor – no time for feeling puny…so I hope that IS the case for most of you. If not quite there, come see our docs and we’ll do our best to get you there soon! Our Clinics have been quite busy in recent weeks, so unfortunately appointments are taking a little longer than normal. So do remember our Convenient Care hours of 5:00P to 8:00P M-F and 9:00A to 3:00P on Saturday and Sunday.

Want to say a big thank you to our Public Health Department team this week, as it is National Public Health Recognition Week. They do a great job throughout the year advising us of health concerns, and what best to do to mitigate those risks. As COVID continues its decline as a noticeable risk factor, the Health Department will resume more energies in its normal public education routines (only three reported March positive COVID test results in each of Morris and Chase Counties).

A busy first of March spearheaded MCH to a very high month of revenue and the best first quarter in its history from a gross revenue perspective. We are grateful to all of you who entrust your care to our team which is happy to take care of your needs.

I ask all of you to think of our Lord and Savior during this Holiest of weeks, culminating Sunday with Easter and the empty tomb. He went through what he did out of love for us…and I hope that truly touches you. If so, I know you will have a great coming week and beyond.

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