Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Year Ending February 18th, 2023

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
For Year Ending February 18th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #77”

I am again lagging in the release of my biweekly report – I am somewhat dependent on getting stats back timely from all participantsL. But my tardiness allows me to promptly announce a successful first major joint surgery performed by Dr. Samani with our own OR team and facilities! We performed a shoulder replacement on a very appreciative patient yesterday afternoon. First twenty four hour report is that it was very successful and the patient and spouse would like to deliver a public testimony of their satisfaction with the entire experience. Stay tuned for an article in the paper. Congrats and thank you to Jeremy and his staff for their hard work in getting to this point!

Morris County had only ten reported positive COVID cases in the month of February, and none in the last week.

There are some additional positives via take home tests, but Strep has been the largest recent virus hitting our locals. We are counting down the days until mid-May, when the pandemic officially ends and we can cease the screening of entrants into our facility!

We had a very well attended “baby shower” at the high school last Saturday, sponsored by our Public Health Department and hosted by many vendors with products or services intended for moms-to-be. Approximately fifteen pregnant mothers attended and learned many useful maternity tips and earned their way to very nice door prizes.

We roll into March today and look forward to Spring around the corner. As already mentioned in prior reports, we also look forward to more small, medium, and even larger successes at MCH in 2023! Next week I’ll give an update on the Convenient Care Clinic which is poised to reopen very, very soon.

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