Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Week Ending February 4, 2023

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
For Week Ending February 4, 2023 – Plus “COVID UPDATE #76”

Fresh after a truly memorable event, Kansas City, it’s quite wide geographical berth penetrating a great portion of the Midwest, and us Chief fans are once again basking in Super Bowl glory, and probably prefer to be anywhere except work on this fine spring like day. So we may be brief on MCH discussion today and just enjoy the finer components of feeling like winners! The Andy Reid era has been quite rewarding for us and we can only hope for it to continue…because winning is a fun thing, and it does lift tired or pouty spirits (except in PhiladelphiaJ). That is what makes sports a great part of our society, especially during a pandemic period…and obviously beyond.

The game was a nice and correctly officiated game, and the better of two great teams did actually prevail (no bias here). I can only hope that we can transfer some of the qualities demonstrated in this game to our own work and daily routines of caring for patients. Though we don’t get the opportunity to practice five days and only perform for the record: once a week, we do get the opportunity to always be studying our vocation and trying to get better each and every day! Though we don’t have a definitive outcome with each performance, we know when we have given it our best and have yielded a true connection with our professed satisfied customers! Though our payoffs aren’t all prepaid in advance of our work on the field, we have the awareness that if we do our jobs exceptionally well both in advance and at the time we deliver our service, we may be awarded more than expected by our payor sources! Though we aren’t heralded in time of sickness of injury, we are in a field that has a career expectancy of as long as we desire to come to work, up to a lifetime!

Maybe it’s silly to compare football to healthcare, but I just wanted to talk football today, in our postlude of victory!! Way to go Chiefs!!

Look forward to more small, medium, and even larger successes in 2023!

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