Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review For Year Ending March 4th, 2023

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
For Year Ending March 4th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #78”

I would like to open by recognizing that it is a real blessing that a town of Council Grove’s size has had the foresight, support, and ability to retain quality healthcare and a full service hospital through the past many decades. The Critical Access model of funding and care delivery has certainly been a factor towards its success, but it is truly the compassions exhibited by our staff and providers that have bolstered its reputation of being a safe and efficient landing spot to secure needed healthcare services. I want to just thank our whole team for what they do every day, sometimes it seems thanklessly, but in reality your efforts are very well appreciated. A testimony to that is the recent recognition by the Chartis Group, LLC, Chicago, IL, of including Morris County Hospital in its 2023 Top 100 Critical Access Hospital across America. Criteria used in this review are many indexes oriented around patient satisfaction, quality/outcomes indicators, and relative costs of providing its services. I do think of this as a Community award in addition to the commitments demonstrated by our staff! Congratulations to ALL!

Very much coincidental to this announcement, came the highest revenue week we have ever had at MCH. You will see that our targeted metrics are far more “in the green” than they have been running, and I know many of you feel the extra work that goes with generating those values. Again it is very encouraging that our backlog in Accounts Receivable continues to decline, although we still have a ways to go. I hope the improving results help inspire the extra work needed to get ourselves back in line with working only the recent two weeks of current business activities.

I am glad to announce that our Convenient Care service (after hour Clinic) will resume its availability to patients beginning March 15th. The hours will be 5:00P to 8:00P on Monday through Friday, and 9:00A to 3:00P on Saturdays and Sundays. Entry will be through the East Entrance of the hospital, and it is very important for those seeking its care to tell the registration attendant that you are preferring Convenient Care vs. Emergent Care. If the initial nurse assessment confirms that level of care, you will be registered for the lesser cost of care. If the Emergency Room is quite busy, than there may be a wait in attending to a lesser need for immediate care.

March COVID numbers remains quite soft in our County, as only two positives hit us through March 9th. Basketball will be on many Kansans minds this month, as Madness is ramping up and a “repeat motive” is strongly in our midst. Good luck to all, but especially to those teams from our own Big 12 Conference! Thanks again to all of you who put our patients FIRST!!

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