Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review – June 22, 2020

The Call to Freedom is ringing loudly in many of our ears, as the sounds of loosened shackles (as in loosened homebound rules) are enabling those of us who wish to get out and about…to get out and about. Around here I do not think it is as much the opportunity to return to work, as the majority of those in our County have still been able to attend to their professions during this time…but it is the call to get out of our being shut-in, and again commune with others (after all we are in the prime of summer!). A rush to normalcy is pulling people out more and more. The cold COVID-19 truth still remains, however. It is estimated that 90-95 percent of us are still susceptible to contracting this virus. That means this virus is still theoretically pursuing tens of millions of more individuals. We have learned a lot about mitigating its spread. Let’s just not forget what we have learned! Masks and distancing are still the keys.

On the hospital front, I am pleased to say that our two new Clinics (one in White City and one in Alta Vista) were both successfully surveyed by Medicare in the past couple of weeks, following a several week COVID delay. With those steps complete, the two Clinics will soon earn their designation as MCH Provider-based Rural Health Clinics! Thanks go to Dawn Engel, who worked diligently to see them through this drill.

As many of you have seen in the past hot summer days, our parking lot has been leaking very messy and annoying oil and tar. The County has a plan to mitigate this issue one day this week. If you see tape deterring closer in parking one day this week, you will know the reason. County officials said it should be complete in no more than a day and a half, so please bear with the possible need to park more remotely to the south.

It is good to see the legendary Hays House open again. We wish the new owners, Frankie and Shey-Anne Greco, all the luck in making it a successful business, once again. The food is excellent, so I encourage you to try it out with the distancing they promote. Have a great week.


CEO, Kevin Leeper

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