Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review November 26th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #71”

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
Pay Period Ending November 26th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #71”  

Well…late November into December hasn’t been encouraging news for COVID numbers for the past two years, and it looks like 2022 is showing the similar pattern, although to a much lesser degree. We had ten positives reported for the last week of November, which more than doubled the monthly total of 17, so there is returned motivation to: 1.) be wary of close proximity around others,  2.) wash hands regularly, and 3.) know to stay home if you have symptoms. Let’s use our now lengthy experience with this virus to keep it as much under wraps as possible!

We have witnessed a lot of physical improvements being applied to the next door Clinic, as well as with new flooring in parts of the hospital over the past few weeks. It is nice to see the work come near to completion. I hear things are also much improved, or soon will be, at the Chase County Clinic, as well. Some stimulus dollars through the COVID support system have given us at least some visible enhancements and “equipment extended life” enhancements, to make up for some of the life disruption issues that COVID has caused us. The spending has been fun but needs to fall to a much lower gear for a while now.

To brag on many of you who have engaged in multiple onsite interviews we have invited over the past two to three weeks, it has been very satisfying to hear the many compliments about the nice appearance of our Community, of our Hospital, and especially regarding the warmth and positivity about the people they have visited with on our campus. We should all feel good that we exude a great place to work and a seemingly great town for which to consider moving. With that we hope to announce a couple new staff members once our vetting through the candidates is complete. Thanks to all who help make MCH shine!

Let’s close with a big CONGRATULATIONS to the Brett and Liz Siegle family for bringing home their new bundle of JOY, Joanna! We are all excited for you. Have a great next couple of weeks, and…GO HORNED FROGS!

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