Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review October 15th

Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
Pay Period Ending October 15th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #68”  

Appears I fell behind again in issuing my two week report. We are into Board week of October marking the near end to the month…how come football season flies by so quickly? Sorry the Braves lost their last one but we wish them well towards advancing in the playoffs. The girls also had a great volleyball season, ending with a near miss of their regional playoffs! COVID news continues to remain quite upbeat…only six positive cases reported to the State through October 19th (for the month) and only one last week in Morris County. So going mask optional in the hospital has not raised anything to make us wonder if it was the right thing to do or not.

Our recent high inpatient census saw some successful discharges of rehabbed patients, which is what we are here to do for swing bed patients (make them well enough to go home). Outpatient business has taken only a small dip from recent weeks, so overall volumes are where we would expect them to be for October. It is sure nice to have Dr. Nelson’s availability to support the added demand stemming from Dr. Frese’s retirement. In the adjacent Clinic setting we have had a positive disruption caused by the installation of new flooring and work stations. This overall project is close to being halfway completed. It is also very nice to see our new visiting surgeons performing their first surgeries in our facility!! Thank you Dr. Kaminsky and Dr. Samani!

As we accelerate towards the completion of 2022, I remind everyone that has an interest in adding a new medical service to what we currently make available, to shoot me an email or a call and make your wish known ( or 620-767-6811, x146). We have some emptied space(s) that are waiting for the determination of how to best repurpose such. I have been gathering some cost estimates and outmigration numbers on a handful of ideas, but I’d love to do the same for some other consumer driven preferences!! Please respond if you have any!

In revealing my purple preference, may I congratulate the Horned Frogs for topping the Cats on Saturday, and now are sitting alone on top of their conference standings! So I’ll now go back to cheering for both purple teams the rest of the yearJ. Heading quickly into November I wish everyone joy and calmness as we embrace the Holiday season of 2022. Have a great two weeks ahead.

Kevin, Leeper, CEO

USFCR Verified Vendor