Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review – October 29th

 Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
Pay Period Ending October 29th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #69”

Ten months of 2022 are now history, marking a year of noticeable changes: first with the conversion to a single integrated EMR, Cerner, and then in finally getting to go mostly mask less, after a near three year role of being held hostage to a pandemic. Lots of other personnel changes in the past ten months as well, and some new services are being initiated as we prepare for the next year ahead. With an election staring at us in a week, I hope everyone is being mindful of the importance of electing only candidates into office that have the people’s interest truly in their hearts, and also of voting for or against amendments to law that demonstrate interest of the majority. As Americans living in a free state, we have a lot to lose these days if we aren’t making ourselves more aware of what is going on behind what we normally see and hear about. Remember that your votes do matter – so I encourage you to place them only after some forethought and preparation!

Today we had our first week in a long time, reported Wednesday to Wednesday by KDHE, of zero positive COVID test results in Morris County. That left the total for the entire month of October at only 8 cases, the lowest monthly totals since last March and April, which each had 7. The focus now should be on getting the flu vaccine, if you haven’t yet done so. Our first Community- wide Health Fair in some time will be a good place to get that done on November 12th, at the Council Grove High School’s pavilion – between 9:00 and noon. Please help spread the word!

We lift up our appreciation to our Rad Techs and our APRNs in honor of their National Observation weeks starting November 8th. These individuals play an extremely important role for MCH in diagnosing and treating our health conditions of Morris County residents. Please thank them as you encounter them over the next several days.

As we head into the annual Holiday Season, know that with it comes a lot of anxieties and pressures for so many people across our nation…more so anticipated this year with rising inflation and economic uncertainties. Some of these added pressures manifest themselves in erratic behaviors and depression. I hope as caregivers we are able to step up to recognizing those signs or signals when we see them, and seek each other out for best ways of supportive intervention. Some of these may happen amongst our peers, and for them I hope everyone knows we have assistance built into our health plan for situations needing some help. I certainly hope that good cheer prevails for all of you most of the time! It has been quite the glorious fall weather! Safe hunting to those of you who do such. Have a great next two weeks!

Kevin A. Leeper, CEO

USFCR Verified Vendor