Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review Pay Period Ending June 25 – Plus “COVID UPDATE #60”

 Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
Pay Period Ending June 25 – Plus “COVID UPDATE #60”  

The year of 2022 has already reached its halfway point, and I am writing this report a week late because of our dramatic change in operations at midyear. Yes, we are two weeks plus into Cerner and one of the inherent features of a new operating system, is certainly the challenge of finding things…for the doctors, nurses, and techs on the charting side, and for the rest of us on the reporting side. Revenue is accounted for in different ways than through our former systems, and that drives a lot of what I report every two weeks. So we are in a big time learning mode of trying to mirror what and how to report things in the same manner we are accustomed to reporting. We will get there…just a tad on the slow and cautious side right now.

We had some planned reduction in scheduled services the last two weeks, and we appreciate our customers trying to be patient with that approach. We were lucky in not having a high census – something you can’t necessarily plan for, but we did experience a higher than normal ER load, which helped (perhaps) accelerate the learning rate for those staff members involved. We also had to deal with an influx of COVID amongst our staff and caregivers, which was NOT the desired workaround. So with all said, the training group from Great Plains was great the first week on-site and not too bad from a remote position since, I am proud of everyone’s commitment to get through this transition period! It’s not over yet, but we are gaining on it. I ask everyone to keep up their great work and know it will get easier.

As mentioned, COVID has ticked up in our area, and the tricky thing is that it is more prevalent nowadays than reported…due to all the at home testing being done. I think it is important to be aware of that and perhaps resume the social distancing and hand washing practices more than you have been felt compelled to do in recent months…or the spread will continue. A good sign is that the related symptoms and degree of illness is mostly less for those acquiring the virus.

I do hope those of you that are having to navigate the 177 closing are seeing the light in the tunnel – we sure need you making the round trips if you are living there and working here! Also, I again wish to thank all of you who assist in encouraging our area residents to turn to MCH for their healthcare needs. Have a great next two weeks!!

Thank you,
Kevin Leeper, CEO

USFCR Verified Vendor