Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review Pay Period Ending October 1st

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
Pay Period Ending October 1st – Plus “COVID UPDATE #67”  

We’ve all been waiting to see how and when a return to normal might be measurable, on the pre and post-COVID scale. My initial thought was that our busy September might be testimony that MCH is back to a normal business level. But in reality we can only draw a conclusion that September 2022 was an unusually busy September. It was nearly 10% busier overall than September 2021 and 20% busier than September 2020, two years in the heat of COVID upheaval. But it was 35% busier (gross revenue) than September 2019, a pre-COVID month. It just goes to show that Septembers are usually soft months because of nice weather and school restarting. But we broke the mold this year and experienced one of the busier months of our 2022 year! That said, I think we can safely add that COVID is no longer very disruptive. Thank goodness!

I remain grateful that we have kept the lion’s share of our staff committed to working for their local hospital. It has been a trying period and opportunities at other facilities are numerous, so retention has never been more of a challenge than it is today. I just thank each and every one of our employees who have stayed and continue giving their all for the good and welfare of our patient base! We are all the better because of your loyalty!!

Also wish to acknowledge our small but mighty Materials Management team who just went through the National Supply Chain Week! We recognize Tiffany and Mark for their hard work at keeping us stocked through a time which we all know was difficult for the supply distribution functions. They really do a great job for all of us!

As we come to the end of a “Federally designated pandemic”, I am excited to say that this week will mark the end of mandatory masking within our facility. We are working through the final policies which must outline the possible criteria of requiring masks when certain conditions are cited, but for most situations we will be ending the requirement in the next day or two, and we are grateful that the regulators have relaxed this requirement for healthcare facilities.

Congrats to the Cats, sitting on top of their conference standings. May you all enjoy the great Fall we are having and remember that we are here to serve all of you in need. Have a great two weeks ahead.

USFCR Verified Vendor