Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review – September 17th

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
Pay Period Ending September 17th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #66”  

Reading between the lines…seems like such is a constant in the times we are living…and I don’t know about the rest of you, but this near requirement resembles “having to look into the old crystal ball”, which has never been very effective in my experience. I suppose my current sentiments are more reflective of the economic conditions we are listening to and experiencing, as well as the ramping up fervor surrounding mid-term elections, than it has to do with our hospital and/or healthcare. But healthcare issues are always part of political dialogue, especially in this controversial time of mandated vaccines or not. So what I am really pontificating here is that it feels like we are in period of suspended ambiguity as to where healthcare is heading. Are our routines going to return to a pre-Covid norm, or has a new design of preferred delivery methods really gained enough traction to dramatically move the dial of how we will do business moving forward? Are technological advances going to truly replace the voids we are seeing with an aging and shrinking labor pool? Is government really getting so big that soon we will all be working in even more restrictive conditions? Guess I am feeling some restlessness (about a lot more than just these healthcare questions), and I am choosing to share that with you. Please forgive me, as I do not have any worthy answers or suggestions.

Back to reality – positive COVID tests declined again, only four reported last week to KDHE for Morris County…and the local school nurse just gave a good report regarding conditions at our schools. Supposedly very soon CDC is going to rewrite the rules for masking and quarantining, even in our nation’s hospitals. Most of us are hoping for some major relaxation in the “comply with or be punished” mandates. The extra costs and restrictions related to COVID are no longer being reimbursed and they are getting to be overly burdensome.

We are still experiencing some expected PCSD (Post Cerner Stress Disorder), both on the clinical side and the revenue cycle side. Our work efforts are slower on the charting side than preferred, but even more slow on the conversion to cash collected side…but we are seeing light in the tunnel in each area. We need to maintain an all-out solid push for eight more weeks to get all the required learning mastered so that we can enjoy the upcoming holiday season. Are we all on-board with that goal???

Probably should apologize for my unconventional message this week. Overall things are quite encouraging up here on the hill and throughout the County. We have a lot to be thankful for and certainly the main one is all the patients who choose to come here for care! Have a great week everybody, and keep up the winning Braves and Chiefs!!!

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