Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review – Week ending August 20, 2022

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
Pay Period Ending August 20 – Plus “COVID UPDATE #64”  

Well – the good news for this pay period is that Dr. Jon Price has officially decided to move his family to Council Grove after completing his residency next summer. He will begin here on August 1, 2023 and open a full spectrum Family Medicine Practice within our local Clinic. We are thrilled with his commitment to our community as he will be offering another OB choice for our residents. And please remember you can already book appointments with our other new FP/OB, Sydnee Nelson, who starts on 9-12-2022! Hopefully some of you are seeing her around town, as she is already one of us.

The state of COVID has trickled up from earlier in the month but primarily due to school starting and a few more symptoms being tested than before. Those infected are still mostly with mild conditions and are not seeking much interventional care. We in healthcare are still anxiously waiting for a more relaxed requirement of door screening and mask donning, but so far we must support the regulatory decisions to keep doing what we have been doing.

With summer winding down we look forward to cooler temps and more yearning to be outside. I hope most of you had an opportunity to take a summer get away and bring back a story or a picture from a new place. We are looking forward to the annual Foundation Golf Tournament tomorrow, and for some of us that means hoping not to tear up the turf too badly. A record number of 27 teams will be battling for bragging rights.

It is sure nice to be mingling again and not fearing the plight of a contagion. Otherwise I am short on words this week, so have a great start to September!!

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