Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review Week Ending December 10th

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
Pay Period Ending December 10th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #72”  

Multiple testing / swabbing events have ruled healthcare encounters for the past 2-3 weeks: most often being tests for either COVID, Influenza A or B, RSV, and/or for Strep, sometimes for all four. The latter three were not seen as much in 2020 and 2021, when COVID captured the cause and identification of most respiratory symptoms…not so much in 2022, as a more severe flu season is definitely being experienced. MCH hospitalizations for these positive tested patients have remained low, but a lot of missed work time and reduced student time in classrooms is being felt throughout the County.

News has it that the end of this week is going to bring the lowest temperatures and wind chills felt in eastern Kansas since the eighties. So hopefully everyone is completing their Christmas bustling earlier than normal and can remain inside on the coming week’s end. It is nice that we have just replaced our heating systems in two of our Clinics, and hopefully I didn’t just jinx their optimal functionality. As Christmas is upon us I do want to wish everyone a calmness and cheerfulness that truly elevates the spirits around you to an air of positivity – the absolute correct feeling considering we are celebrating our Lord’s birth! Let Peace on Earth reign for a day, a week, or as long as possible!!

I am very pleased to announce the hiring of our new CNO, Monica McKay, who is coming over from Stormont Vail, and will start on January 3rd. She was amongst a handful of exceptionally qualified candidates, both internal and external, and I am truly encouraged that she will help lead MCH to a still higher standard of superior patient care – an objective that will take some doing. She looks forward to being a part of our team and our Community. I’d also like to acknowledge the fine work that Teresa Tomlin has done as an interim. Teresa will stay on long enough to briefly orient Monica.

As we begin to make plans for the New Year, I encourage everyone to dream big for a moment and even write down some aspirations you may have for broadening the scope of services we now deliver in MCH. We have some empty spaces that afford us a great opportunity to think of something new and previously unoffered here in Council Grove. Please share your thoughts with me.

Thanks and Merry Christmas ALL!! Stay safe and as warm as possible.

Kevin Leeper, CEO


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