Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review – week ending September 3rd

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
Pay Period Ending September 3rd – Plus “COVID UPDATE #65”  

As last week was a Holiday week as well as time for the redeployed Kansas Hospital Association Convention (first time since 2019), I was out for the week and did not get this overdue report to you. I hope all had a restful Labor Day weekend and a nice kickoff to the slightly cooler beginning of Fall. Let us take a moment to acknowledge our First Responders, Fire Fighters, and Law Enforcement personnel, who daily work so diligently to keep us safe and/or assist us when in need, as we just passed our momentous day called 9-11, in which their efforts should never be forgotten. Thank you colleagues!

Our strange coexistence with COVID seems to be relentlessly continuing, although in a much less restrictive manner, as those acquiring the virus seem to be overcoming the illness rather undisrupted (other than the quarantine impacts)…which are disruptive in their own right. The number of reported positive cases in Morris County last week was only 9, compared to the previous week’s number of 34, so the spread rate seems to be looking much better once again.

Maybe I am off track, but it just feels like more people are a little happier once a new football season kicks off…a little more jump in the steps and a few more glints in eyeballs, especially when home teams are victorious out of the gates: Go Braves, Go Cats, and Go Chiefs. And also, I am a little happier when our volumes reflect more green than red, and we are edging a little closer to working through the Cerner start up bugs. I know larger activity levels on a new software program are causing lots of angst for those of you doing the heavy lifting, and I’d like to extend special thanks and appreciation to those of you doing such…which is the majority of you!!! I hope it is getting a bit easier week to week! You Rock!

I wish to truly celebrate our sister facility this week, CGAL, as we recognize National Assisted Living Center Week. And with this celebration I also make a question and a plea to those of you in Morris County who feel that entering into another winter, is this a time to consider an easier lifestyle in which a pleasant and motivated team can make your day to day functioning a nicer proposition? Through the COVID years, we remain an underutilized facility which really needs some more residents to remain viable. If you feel it is too expensive, I encourage you to add up all the costs of home ownership, and I think you will find Assisted Living as a reasonable alternative. Call 620-767-5600, and Laverne can help you with such an analysis. Or better yet, stop by and give our facility a look over. Thanks to you all who staff our Council Grove Assisted Living Center!! You rock, too!

CEO, Kevin Leeper

USFCR Verified Vendor