Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review – Year ending December 31st, 2022

Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community
Administrator’s Bi-Weekly Review
For Year Ending December 31st – Plus “COVID UPDATE #74”

To give you a different year end look at the thirty-seven different statistics we look at every week, I am only showing you the one graphic below, with numbers in green meaning we exceeded or met our 2022 targeted/budgeted volumes, and those depicted in red meaning we were short of our targeted/budgeted volumes. The big loser in this year’s budget comparison is in the cash collected value, which we have been discussing for a while, as attributable to a back log of accounts receivable due to the learning curve of a new Rev Cycle system associated with the Cerner conversion. We expect to have a huge catch up quarter to start the new year of 2023, so we should exceed cash targets in the next many weeks.

The year showed a dramatic increase in ER utilization and those visits helped fuel increases in many radiologic modalities. As the pandemic eased up we noticed less virus testing in the Lab and Public Health Departments. Clinic visits have not quite returned to budgeted volumes since the “COVID pull back and stay home mentality”, and I am somewhat surprised and disappointed in our lower than expected Swing Bed admissions, as I believe the numbers of orthopedic procedures performed in our tertiary partners HAS returned to pre-Covid volumes. It tells me that area-wide nursing homes are competing more aggressively to accept rehabbing patients, as their normal resident volumes have suffered substantially since the pandemic started…that and the tertiary hospitals are rehabbing the patients themselves.

Staffing will be on every healthcare facility’s radar as we enter into 2023 and those of us with the most creative ways of getting the job done in meeting patient expectations will prevail. There is no doubt moving forward that we are going to have to utilize technology as effectively as we ever have in order to keep those in our service area satisfied!

Thanks for the memorable 2022 and we look forward to a new and improved 2023!

Kevin Leeper, CEO

USFCR Verified Vendor