Thanks to our Community Healthcare Professionals

Few people have been impacted as severely over the past 7-8 months during
the COVID pandemic, as those workers directly engaged with the nation’s
Public Health System. It has become a somewhat thankless routine for most of
these individuals who must be on call to some degree 24/7, and juggle their own
personal and family safety concerns with those like concerns for everyone else
within their jurisdiction. Their tasks must all be conducted timely, confidentially, and
communicated widely, all within the frequently changing spectrum of boundaries as
issued by governing bodies on multiple levels. Anyone critical of their work is truly
under informed as to the depth of the sometimes conflicting recommendations, which
these workers are tasked with putting into action.
This said, it is time locally to recognize Candra Good, LPN, and Director of both
the Morris County and Chase County Health Departments, whose team is weathering
the incredible JOB of getting us through the day by day and week by week pandemic
health care crisis. Through the past 7-8 months they have been accountable and
available for most of the symptomatic testing for all residents in these two Counties.
For all positive test results they have had to trace possible contacts with those positive
individuals, and then oversee all necessary quarantine orders. Thank you Candra and
the Team we again want to recognize: Dr. Dan Frese, Carol Coirier, Jamie Johnson,
Brenda Kirk, and Lori Dalquest. For each of you and your dedication, time, talent,
and patience despite the dynamic process, we say THANKS.
Another overly stretched team following close on the heels of the PHD, is the
MCH Lab Department, led by Thomas Buttery. His team, outside of the normal
large volume of processing lab orders from multiple providers, has also been thrust
into testing dozens of potential COVID patients on a weekly basis. Thomas’s team,
too, takes their jobs extremely seriously when it comes to the pandemic’s special
demands, and their tireless efforts should also be recognized within our larger
Community. His staff includes: Ellen Boyce, Michael Helzer, Amanda Johnson,
and Brandi Gilliam! Thanks to each of you!

The Board and Leadership of Morris County Hospital.

Appreciation for COVID-19 Front Line Workers

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