Continued Dedicated Service to Our Community Administrator’s Bi-Week in Review April 17th – Plus “COVID UPDATE #29”

This pay period has been marked by the emergence of spring and yearnings to be outside, so long as you didn’t mind bracing for the stronger than normal winds. Strong utilization of our outpatient lab, rehab, and imaging services has kept our parking lot quite busy, even though inpatient activity has continued its relative softer side of the mix. This week is claimed as national recognition weeks for Hospital Laboratory Departments, Health Information Departments, and Business Offices…so we especially salute and honor our employees in those areas, all of whom work tirelessly in their respective areas.

We had some very good news last week, coming from an unscheduled three year State review of our Assisted Living Center. Despite not having an active director on site that day, we managed to impress the surveyor with meeting all of today’s hot button standards, and earned a zero deficiency report card!! All of the deficiencies cited three years ago had been adequately corrected. This score will be a great marketing tool in our efforts to sign up more residents, of which we expect to have three new ones by the end of April! So things are looking up at that service location. Thanks go out to outgoing Ashley Buchman who was well prepped for this visit.

Even though things are improving on the COVID front, we feel that ongoing mask wearing, social distancing, and limiting access points into our hospital are responsible features worthy of continuance. The variant versions of COVID still remain a concern, so we need to continue with these practices. Thanks for your understanding and support

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